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Thread: We are here...and loving it (of course)

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    Sounds fabulous...and congrats!

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    Thanks Sprat and thanks everyone!

    As promised, here are some pics from the trip so far (don't worry, more soon come)

    Just posting the link to my flickr photostream, let me know if you can't see it


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    Beautiful pictures!!

    I really love the pictures of Port Antonio, the beach looks wonderful there and the blue lagoon! The waterfalls and the mountains... Ivans and Catcha... Ah!can't wait to go! Thanks for sharing these!

    So glad you had a fantastic anniversary!!
    It was fun seeing you at the webcast yesterday!
    Have fun today in Negril!
    Carpe Diem

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    I got tears in my eyes...

    when I read you sweet message. How nice to know that you were thinking of us well. Isn't it funny to share such a connection with a complete stranger?! You are no stranger to me now. And my whole family knows the story of "my friend Marley who had to move her wedding too"! My mom asked about you the other day! I'm so thrilled to read about your trip and your awesome anniversary surprises at Catcha. What a great husband to arrange all those special things for you. The photographer too and I can't wait to see those pics. I looked at the pics you have posted and they are breathtaking. You really have had an amazing trip and experienced so much! It warms my heart to know that you are having such a special time as noone deserves it more!

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    Love you boo
    Da Ninja - 1st Annual Belly Flop Champ - Soon Come

    ~Fear accompanies the possibility of Death, Calm shepherds its certainty.

    People's actions no longer affect a warrior when he has no more expectations of any kind. A strange peace becomes the ruling force in his life. He has adopted one of the concepts of a warrior's life -- detachment.
    ~from "The Eagle's Gift"~

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    nice photos! Cool to see some other areas of the island--one day I will go to Port Antonio. What a great trip you have had!

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    Marley...Congratulations!! wow a year already!!
    sounds like you are having the time of your life!!
    Here's to a lifetime of happiness and joy!

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