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Thread: Guess the resort

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    Guess the resort

    As you all seem to be very good at guessing my general Negril shots, lest see how good you are at guessing these resorts, there is a non negril as well

    Name:  389055834_7ef7f1f61c_b.jpg
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    Name:  1791857167_9082a64db4_o.jpg
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    Name:  4480661543_f6802a1f8f_b.jpg
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    Name:  4480671575_b97a3476cd_b.jpg
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    Name:  4481319242_11beda5e38_b.jpg
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    Name:  jam2007 198 (Medium).jpg
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    Footeprints on the sand negril,The second one I thought I recognised the towers as Ochi but then I think the pier is actually Montego bay ,Samsara,Legends Not sure of the last one is it the Rayon or somewhere like that?

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    Tic you will have to wait until later

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    #6 is Falcon Cottages

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    dayum I knew it was one of them cheaper advertised resorts because I heard him speak about one before,he mentioned devine destiny but I know that does not have a square pool.I could not remember the name of falcon

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    # 6. Rondel ?

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    answers soon come

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    I'm guessing the high-rise is the Renaissance Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios, which is now a Sunset property.

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    No. 1 is definitely Footprints. No. 4 Legends? No. 6 Piper's Cove?

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    #1 Foote Prints
    #2 ?? Kind of looks like an old version of Sunset Jamaica Grande..
    #3 Samsara
    #4 looks like Traveller's
    #5 ??
    #6 Khus Khus?

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