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Thread: Food stop between MBJ and Negril

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    Food stop between MBJ and Negril

    Hello everybody! Just joined on here though I've been a reader for some time. I have a quick question...
    My wife & I will be arriving at MBJ at noon and will have some time before we can check in to our vaca home in Negril @ 4pm. I'm sure we'll be ready for a good meal upon landing. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for some great food prior to reaching Negril? Rather than bolting straight to the resort, we're preferring to meander our way there.
    We married in Negril in '06 and are returning for our 5th anniversary next week. It's been FAR TOO LONG!

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    As smith would say "Lucea at Tapatop near the seawall"-Ill try it out in July!!!-24/7 food place to eat.You can rearch smiths videos here on the board.he has it on a recent trip report.His report and videos sold me.JMO~Bless!!-Grab a patty for the road till you hit Lucea

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    If you are looking for some good jerk chicken or conch soup, Biggas in Green Island is a great stop partway to Negril. Plenty of space to pull over and you can chill on a rustic bench at the back of his jerk stand and gaze out towards the Caribbean and you enjoy. You could also stop at half moon beach which is about 20 mins drive from Negril near Rhodes Hall. They have their own private beach with lounger, wonderful snapper sandwiches along with other menu items and good drinks at the bar. Really nice place to spend a couple of hours or part of a day.

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    the Pork Pit in Montego Bay is on the way if you are hungry as soon as you hit the ground - they have chicken, pork, fish and some sides - long established business - frequented by residents and tourists

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    A couple good ideas here already! There is a jerk chicken place that opened up maybe earlier this year called Cousin's Cove Jerk Hut. I think it is near Green Island. Haven't been there yet, but Dennis (formerly of Sun Beach) is there. I have ate at Tapatop in Lucea, great Jamaican food for a very good price.

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    Why is no one saying the airport?

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    Dennis the Menace's Cousins Cove Jerk Hut is the place to stop. If you want some great jerk chicken or pork and a cold Red Stripe I highly recommend it. Cousins Cove Jerk Hut is a few miles before Green Island on the way to Negril from MBJ.

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    Depending on when you need to eat, at the airport you can grab Patties and Coco Bread etc;

    in Montego Bay on Gloucester Ave you have a whole group of restaurants;
    and of course KFC

    If you can wait 45 minutes to an hour, then Biggas in Green Island is the ticket.

    I usually can make it to Biggas and it's well worth the wait.

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    Yeah, for a food stop, I would go with one of the following options:
    -Pork Pit in Mo Bay
    -Cousins Cove Jerk Hut in Green Island
    -Bigga's in Green Island (my top choice)

    Another idea with that much time to kill would be a excursion in the Mo Bay area. That way you can have an adventure prior to getting to Negril and you would not have to lose time on an excursion later in the trip:
    -Rockland Bird Sanctuary

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    also if you get to negril before your room is ready - i'm sure your hotel will store your bags - and you can hit the wata

    at the airport - Island Grille and the Groovy Grouper - both okay - when i'm leaving - lol

    but hanging around the airport after i finally land is not usually my first thought - unless i'm waiting for a friend to arrive on a later flight

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