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Thread: I want a taste of the Jamaica high life, where is it?

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    I want a taste of the Jamaica high life, where is it?

    I want a taste of the Jamaican high life.

    Where would you say I will find it?

    I want to go in a really nice house, a big one maybe with a swimming pool.
    I do not mean a holiday villa out on rental I mean someones homes a full time residence.

    There is a man who lives near some family of ours, He is their good friend, he has a mansion and swimming pool but everytime I visit, his house is boarded up and locked as he spends 6 mnths overseas so I always miss him.

    As airfare from British soil is so expensive for families travelling to Jamaica I am finding myself spending a lot of time in wooden cabins in Jamaica.While I honestly do not mind if that is all the budget left after airfare allows it is just NOT the way that I experience other countries.
    Believe it or not I do like room service and to use the onsite beauty parlours and to shop and take tours and eat and drink the best that the place offers but in Jamaica I always find myself on a seriously low budget having to sleep in cabins and wondering where I will buy food from and for how much and then usually having to cook a lot on holiday myself.
    I would never even consider doing just one of the million things that I have to do in Jamaica just to enjoy being there to be anywhere else in the world.
    If any of my family told me I was going to stay in a wooden cabin (we call them garden sheds here) and have to shop for local produce at a market and cook every day myself and I would not really be able to go out much anywhere else in the world I would say NO WAY.
    I just would not bother but I love Jamaica so I do what I have to do to be there and sometimes if that means cramming the family into little wooden cabins and cooking myself and having no tours or shopping budget because the plane ride ate the budget then so be it.

    I could take 5 really nice European holidays for what I spend on one Jamaica holiday holidaying very frugally but it is worth it~I guess but I am just curious to see how the other half lives.
    I picture the insides of a large property with bamboo furniture or oldy worldy furniture kind of regal and royal looking.
    I have seen pictures of some houses in Jamaica with the double spiral staircase those are lovely.
    If you are someone with a fancy house or know some one with one who will let me show my family the other side of Jamaica one I keep telling them is there but they have never got to see please send me a message , privately if you do not wish to share public. It's not like I will take photographs or chat your private business I just want to experience it for myself and to show the family.
    I know there are old plantations and former lived in mansions and great houses that you can pay to walk around but not the same.

    I know the high life is there but where?

    I want a taste of the Jamaican high life

    If you have any photographs I would love to see them on here.

    If I do not know what is out there how can I dream about it!
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    Have a look at some high-end Kingston area homes for sale. Real estate web sites are a nice way to get a peek into luxury homes


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    I am having fun in this website Ohliz
    Some of them are absolutely mind blowing.I would not say no
    I want to go in one for real though.
    I need an invite
    Preferably not that far though
    Some really nice properties out there.The interiors are pretty much how I imagined them.
    Yes please I'll have one

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    Its out there I have seen small pieces of it!

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    I want to find it

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    We stayed at Silversands last couple years in march at a brand new villa owned by a doctor from California, granite counters, pool, hotub, flat screen tv,s in all the rooms, staff of three, cook clean, do your laundry! Not sure it gets any better,except the 2 hour drive to Negril.lol

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    Some of the real high life is at Tryall ............ one of the best golf course in the world ............. world class private homes/villas for rent .............. butlers, maids, staff, etc. ..... each with private pool .............. fantastic meals ............. 86 different properties, each with their own beautiful views .............. mountain top to beach front ............ we stayed their each year for 20 years ................. living the high life - at least for a week ! ! !


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    Without a doubt Tryall is living the high life, some of the villas there are unbelievable! I think they go up to $16,ooo for a week! All good if you got it.

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    Last year, friends of ours took us to visit friends of theirs. It was high on a mountain (can not for the life of me remember the name), their home was spectacular and the view was beyond words - it brought tears to my eyes.

    Name:  IMG_4579.JPG
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    heading up the mountain
    Name:  IMG_4587.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_4606.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_4609.JPG
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    the bedroom
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    Name:  IMG_4603.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_4613.JPG
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    The 1st time you travel to Negril, for the rest of your life, Negril travels with you.
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    Tawnee...it's near Cave...our friends are just above the beautiful property you visited.
    The views are definitely breathtaking and so is the road going up there...lol!!!

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