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Thread: Food stop between MBJ and Negril

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seveen View Post
    at the airport - Island Grille and the Groovy Grouper - both okay - when i'm leaving - lol
    but hanging around the airport after i finally land is not usually my first thought - unless i'm waiting for a friend to arrive on a later flight

    i get free food and drink at airport , me just wave pass

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    Thank you for the suggestions and recommendations everyone!
    Seveen - yes, we're not really looking to hang out at the airport once we arrive. It's a lovely airport and all but still... :-)
    Sam - we thought about a quick excursion upon arrival but we're going to be up REALLY early that morning and relaxing (feasting and drinking) will be our top priority early on. We've already setup a full day out a few days after we arrive with a private driver to go to Nine Mile and then Rocklands Bird Sanctuary on the return. So, we'll have more than one chance to stop at some of these options!

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