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Thread: all roads lead to Negril

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    all roads lead to Negril

    Some photos of roads in Negril not going to say which, as you all seem to know where all my pics are taken

    Name:  jam2007 195ed.jpg
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    Name:  jam2007 204.jpg
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    Name:  jam2007 007.jpg
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    Name:  jam2007 088.jpg
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    Name:  jam2007 122.jpg
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    I know all these roads so will not annoy you by posting names but here is a hint for those that do not know~Picture number two has the name of the road on a sign

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    I like photos of roads.

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    That last photo is the bend in the west end road that i was too scared to walk down one night.

    Folks say is is easier at night because you can see the cars head lights.

    Thanks for posting.

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    if you look each photo has a sign, telling you the place....
    "One of the laundry gals pipes up ,,"LOOK AT DA BLOOD"
    "YES,THAT WOULD BE MINE" I said as my leg that at first gave no pain, started dishing it out in large bunches........"

    want more read our blog? our first trip.........http://negril.com/forum/entry.php?58...-The-Beginning

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