Here's a little something for you Vince

Prior to arriving in Port Antonio, we (husband and I) spend six nights in Negril. We just canít stop going back to Negril, but there is so much more in Jamaica to be explored and Portland did not disappoint! We spent 4 nights in a Fairy Hill villa and 4 nights in Long Bay.

We departed Negril on the 7am Knutsford bus to Port Antonio. It was our first time on the bus and I would definitely recommend it! Itís inexpensive, comfortable, scenic and on-schedule.

After a few stops and a couple bus changes, we arrived at Errol Flynn Marina. We took a taxi to the villa we were staying at for 4 nights. We rented an Airbnb house in Fairy Hill, located on the road to Winnifred Beach. As usual with everywhere we stay in Jamaica, we were in awe at how beautiful the view and surroundings were of our rental house. After getting the tour from the owner, we enjoyed a drink, changed into our beachware and walked down the path to Winnifred Beach.

After paying a $200J per person fee at the entrance to the beach, we wondered over to the first little cookshop/bar on the beach to see what was cooking. We hadnít eaten anything other than snacks and fruit all day, so it was time for some delicious chicken and rice and peas, with this view
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It was getting late in the afternoon, so the sun was going behind the trees to the west of the cove.
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Hereís a beautiful shot from our walk back to the house Ė
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Winnifred is a very lovely little beach that we returned to a couple times. It was great to have a nice beach so close to our villa. When the sea was rough, which it was for a day or so, we could hear the waves crashing from our verandah.

Some pictures of the house and from the verandah Ė
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