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Thread: Port Antonio First Timer

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    Cool Port Antonio First Timer

    We will be going to Port Antonio for the first time in February. I've been to Negril 10+ times, but this will be a first for us to get to see another part of Jamaica. We plan on flying into Mobay, and won't be landing until around 2 PM. Renting a car for us is not an option, just because we don't feel comfortable driving on the left, along with the crazy traffic that we see. Does anyone have any ideas on the best way to get from Mobay to PA? Any info would be appreciated!
    Also, we're still narrowing down our search for places to stay. Really don't want to spend more than $100 per night, and we are not high maintenance people. Just looking for something clean and safe. Thanks guys!

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Hi Maralunatic,

    So nice you are planning to visit my most favorite place in Jamaica. I know you will love its natural beauty and cool vibe as much as I do. When I fly into Montego Bay, I take the 5:00 Knutsford bus to Port Antonio. The ticket is less than $30 per person. You would take an airport taxi to the Knutsford office, purchase your tickets and leave from there. You would change buses when you reach the Ocho Rios office. A very easy and quick process.

    If you can arrive in Kingston, the ride is direct and will only take 2 hours. Coming from Montego Bay the trip is 4 hours and 15 minutes.

    You can also hire a private driver but that will be $250 one way.

    As far as places to stay, One place I would recommend is Tim Bamboo. The rooms are nice with excellent AC. The cost is $80 a night which includes a full breakfast. Itís also within walking distance of town. There you can shop for meals & gifts, visit Bikini Beach, the marina or stroll to the taxi depot and take a red plate taxi to other amazing locations.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Yay!! I was so hoping you would direct us! I love your posts, and you're one of the reasons we decided to explore the other side of the island. Tim Bamboo is one of the places my other half was looking at. We're also checking out a couple of Airbnb. I like the fact you can walk into town from there..I can't wait for this trip and I know I'll be bugging you with stupid questions so forgive me in advance!!

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Maralunatic, I'm so excited for you. Trust me, there are NO stupid questions when it comes to Portland so ask away!

    Unless first-time visitors have rented a car, I always encourage them to stay at at place close to town. Portland is not like Negril where you can walk to 85% of the happenings. Transportation is a must so staying close to town cuts down on that need/expense. I LOVE the Long Bay area, which is where I stay, however it's a 20-25 minute taxi ride into to town.

    Feel free to share your Airbnb considerations with me. If I'm familiar with the location, I'll be happy to pass on my thoughts about it.

    Cool you are going in February, I plan to post a report in January that will recap all my 2017 trips. Perhaps you'll pick up some ideas from it.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    We looked at a place in Long Bay also, but were not sure about the distance between LB and PA. Anyway, we have 3 places that we are seriously looking at:
    Tim Bamboo
    Search-Me-Heart -Located by Frenchman's Cove
    Krystal Beach House-Located in Margaret Bay
    The idea was to spend about 6 days in Port Antonio area, and then slowly make our way back to MoBay. Possibly a stop in Ocho.
    Neither of us mind walking or hopping into route taxis, but I do like the idea of being in town and close to everything.
    We plan on going to Reach Falls, Boston Bay(gotta get my jerk fix) rafting, and also hanging out at the beaches.
    I'm so happy that your planning a recap!

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    We are planning 2 weeks in Negril then 1 week in Port Antonio in April. Any suggestions on making plans would be wonderful! In Negril right now. Looking forward to seeing more of Jamaica!

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Maralunatic, that guest house looks lovely; however St. Margaret’s Bay is further from Port Antonio than Long Bay. Although the road is smoother from that direction, it’s about 35 minutes outside of town. I found it to be very remote, and although exotic to look at, the black sand didn’t move me to wade in the water. Getting a taxi would be more challenging as well. Honestly between the two, I think you would be happier in Long Bay.

    Search-me-Heart is a good option, about 12 minutes from town. And YES, a visit ($10 entrance) to Frenchman’s Cove is a must. The food is great, reasonable and plentiful. You two can easily share one meal. The staff is excellent. Ok, I was there in August, I can’t see it changing that much since then so I feel safe to say the place is more amazing.

    Oh and if you are into paddling a canoe, rent one ($10.00) at the Blue Lagoon and drift over to the small secluded cove.

    When you go to the Boston Jerk Center, do go before 2:00. The earlier the better the food. But for great jerk chicken any time of the day, go to Piggy's down town. My mouth is watering just thinking about that moist, full of flavor chicken.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Good for you, irienegril!!! Sounds like you are going to do it right in April!! Where first...Portland or Negril???

    As I mentioned, I'll be posting a report of recaps from 2017. I'll be covering the highlights from three visits with a few "tips" thrown in.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Maralunatic and irienegril,

    I came across this place…it looks divine! The price is decent and it appears walking to town is doable. I plan to send a driver up there to check it out.


    This link provides more information

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    This place looks AWESOME!. I love the fact that I could maybe learn how to cook Jamaica food better. Let us know what your driver says about it. Which brings me to another question...I know you use certain drivers, so I was wondering if maybe you could recommend some for us?
    I just booked our flight for February, so now we can concentrate on a place to stay.
    Thank you so much for the help and advice you've given. I've been reading your trip reports(you're a great writer) drooling over the pictures. I'm starting to feel like you're an old friend!!

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