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Thread: Port Antonio First Timer

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Here are the red plate drivers I’ve hired recently (the last two visits). I’ve listed them in order of my personal preference. They are all safe drivers who don’t speed and have nice cars.

    Devon 876-461-9292 – I hired him the most often for excursions in October. Very reasonable and kind. On the quiet side and very patient.
    Michael 876-481-7597 – Very knowledgeable about the area, reasonable and blast his ac. He’s also a talker
    Michael Williams 876-461-5510 – Only used him once locally, but I liked his professionalism and courteous manner.
    Gary walker 876-590-9397 – very punctual. Arrives right on time or earlier. A talker and bit of a comedian.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Thanks for the numbers Vi, you're a sweetheart. (None of these are drivah A, right?)
    We'll be staying at Tim Bamboo which means we'll be able to walk around Port Antonio. We are looking at going to the beaches, rafting and Reach falls, so these numbers will be helpful.
    We'll be landing in Mobay around 2 in the afternoon. I see that the Knutsford bus leaves at 4:40, so I'm hoping we can get through customs and have a quick cab ride to the bus terminal and then be on our way.
    I can't wait! The temp here was 8 degrees this morning...I could cry

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer


    LMAO @ drivah A!! Heavens No, not him. Thank goodness he’s in Negril!

    Like I said, Tim Bamboo is a nice hotel and conveniently located. Forewarning you that Port Antonio is crazy busy every single day. People moving about in all directions conducting business. It can be overwhelming. But that’s the ONLY spot in Portland that I can say that about. The rest of the territory is calm…laid back…peaceful.

    If you are taking the bus to Portland, the depot is on the marina property. That’s where Bikini Beach is located. I usually visit that beach when I go to buy my return ticket.

    IF you decide to venture to Long Bay, Boston or San San area…walk to the taxi stand to get a taxi. Although TB is right off the main road, you’ll be waiting forever for an empty cab to pass in that direction. Don’t use any driver the hotel recommends…they charge way too much.

    Devon drove me and two friends to Reach Falls. I highly recommend him. He didn’t want to swim so he sat in the car waiting patiently for us. He is a gem! We stopped at Cliff Hanger Restaurant for drinks after the visiting the falls. Devon and my friends had smoothies which they all enjoyed. So stop for a drink and check out the view.

    Sounds like you’ll arrive in plenty to time to catch the bus. A taxi ride to TB from the bus depot in Port Antonio shouldn’t be any more than $5US.

    Hope you don't mind me sharing little unsolicited tips...LOL

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Keep them tips coming. Half the fun for me is planning the trip and talking about . Although most of my co-workers don't want to hear about it since they're not going. Men can get so petty LOL!

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