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Thread: Port Antonio First Timer

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    I KNOW, Maralunatic. I stay CHEAP, but there is something about the look of this place and the presentation by the owners that has me ready to kick out the dolla bills and stay there.

    Okay here’s the scoop. My driver said the place is gorgeous from the outside. The road up is steep and it would take 25 minutes to walk down. However; the owners provide a free shuttle to and from town. That’s awesome. Once you’re in town, you’ll only be a few steps away from just about anything you will need including a beach, marina, stores, cook shops and the taxi stand. So if you want to take a route taxi to Boston (100J) or Long Bay (150J) you will have first pick.

    I will give you the names and numbers to three trusted & professional red plate taxi drivers in this post tomorrow. That way you can call them and have a short conversation about rates and a feel of their personalities.

    Oh and thank you so much for the kind words about my reports. I love doing them and it brings me an extra smile when I’m able to motivate others to give Portland a try. I’ll try to get as much up as possible before you two fly out.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    I'd like to add a few points for the 1st timers, book your knutsford in advance as the bus goes to ochi 1st and can fillup fast with returning vendors. the bus from kingston also stops in ochi before going to PA so traveltime about 4 hrs also. I'll be there feb 11-21 next year Lord willing!

    and Irienegril, don't forget the boardie bash is the last friday in april if your dates are around that time.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Please remember that while Knutsford is overall a good and an affordable option...their buses have been known to be a few hours late to completely canceling a service until the next day...be prepared.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Thanks Bnewb and Babalew for the heads up with Knutsford. That will definitely play a role for our transportation decision.
    Vi, thanks for the info on friends at Jamaica guesthouse. I'm narrowing down my choices to that and Tim Bamboo. I'll have to see what the other half has narrowed his down to, and then we'll hopefully make a decision.
    While I wanted to try to get that done this weekend, I somehow got sidetracked into Vi's trip reports...I know people have said you should write a book (and you should) but I could see a picture book also filled with your beautiful photos Vi.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer


    I’m really feeling that guesthouse and since I’ve stayed at Tim Bamboo a couple of times, I think you have two good options. TB is clean, remodeled rooms and the location is super convenient. Food there is good as well as the service from the staff. Although not as conveniently located, the guesthouse provides a kitchen and a romantic ambiance which gives them a couple of pluses. Remember, the owners offer free shuttle into town and they love to cook lol.

    The Knutsford express provides a straight run to Port Antonio from Kingston, as well as the one that goes by way of Ocho Rios. Now I land in Kingston to take that 2-hour non-stop ride opposed to 4 from Montego Bay and having to change buses in Ocho Rios. The Kingston to Ocho Rios then Port Antonio bus does fill up, however the Kingston direct to Port Antonio always has empty seats. Fortunately, I have never experienced a problem with delays or cancellations, but then, I don’t ride them daily.

    Again, Maralunatic, thank you for the kind compliments on my reports. If I didn’t work so much, I would take that time to develop the short stories (fiction) I’ve drafted which all take place in Jamaica. My library of photos and chronicles (starting from 2003) is huge and very valuable to me as the pictures help me remember the emotion of the moments. *sigh* Thank GOODNESS for digital storage!

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Thank all of you for your help! We are planning our first 2 weeks in Negril then going to Port Antonio for the last week. It seems like Knutsford is our most cost effective way to get there? I take Bnewb' s comment seriously as this could affect our decision leaving PA to MBJ for our flight.

    We are looking for somewhere close to things for under $200 night. We are used to economical accommodations but do want air conditioning and a kitchenette.

    Friends at Jamaica looks awesome! Just want to explore all our options.
    Thank you again for your time and appreciate your help!

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Thanks for the heads up Vi...I wasn't aware of the direct route. Much eassier and definitely cheaper.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Babalew, I wasn't aware of the new route until leaving in October. I was changing my flight and a friend told me to leave out of Kingston instead of Montego Bay. That's when I found out there are two trips out of Port Antonio. 5:30 AM and 3:00 PM. The times from Kingston (via Junction) to Port Antonio are 10:30 AM and 6:30 PM. I tell you, the little over two hour ride passed quickly. Your suggestion to pre-book is a good one. Not necessarily to secure a seat, but it's a little cheaper and saves time when you check in.

    The cost of a one-way private ride to/from Kingston is between $125 & $150. The bus is $1,750JA or a $15.68US I travel solo therefore it's the express for me.

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    Got the flight and lodgings booked...now just have to figure out how to get to Port Antonio. I'd love to take the Knutsford bus, but our arrival time will make it pretty tight to make the connection, so still thinking about that. Now I can obsess even more about heading to Port Antonio. Wheeee!!

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    Re: Port Antonio First Timer

    That's great Maralunatic!!! Where did you decide to stay?? What time do you arrive in Montego Bay?

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