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Thread: Flew in Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, worst rain ever

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    Flew in Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, worst rain ever

    We got a break this trip.
    It was raining something horrible in Montego Bay.

    I was told that during a hard rain, the runway is in a White-out,
    Can't see the ground.
    Last trip, we had to fly to Kingston because of the rain.
    Did not want to do that again.

    The Pilot says:
    "There is a small window of opportunity to land at Sangster's.

    I see a clearing, I'm going in............... hold on!!!"

    Nice landing, no problem.
    Got thru Immigration and customs, without a hitch.
    Got outside and it was coming down hard and constant.

    No driver.

    I tried to call, but..For some reason my J-cell would not work.

    I saw a couple of brothers sitting down on a bench.
    "Pardon me sir, can I use your phone to make a call." I asked them.
    Sure, they said and handed me the phone and I dialed.


    Hey man, its Markospoon, I'm outside, where are you?

    Di rain mon, Di rain.... Mi coming, bout 1/2 hour.

    So I chilled and talked to some pretty lady who was also waiting on her ride.
    Everyone was waiting on a ride this day.

    So, finally my ride shows up and off we go.

    The streets were flooded, all over the place.

    I must have seen 20-30 cars stranded,
    just sitting in the road, not moving.

    "Get ready for a long trip to Negril my driver said.
    Slow going today.
    The left side, mountain side was covered with water everywhere we went.

    Stopped to change some money, grabbed a Chicken Patty and a Redstripe.
    I stood outside with my driver and ate the patty before getting in his car.

    There was a High school girl, in uniform saying something to me
    RAh Rah, rah rain...

    I looked at my driver and asked what she was saying.
    "Too much rain, she can't get a Taxi."

    They talked back and forth and eventually we all 3 hopped in his car and headed toward Negril.
    He told her he could only take her to that Gas station before
    he hits the road to Negril.

    We pulled in the Gas station and there were about 20-30
    students standing under the an awning in the rain.
    The girl got out and joined the crowd.

    We gassed up and hit the road/flooded street.

    There were stalled cars all over the place.
    The left side was the worse.
    Many places we had to drive on the right side,
    and the oncoming traffic had to use the shoulder.
    Some places it seemed kinda deep.
    I saw one car, stalled, with water about 2 feet up it's side.

    Then I spotted the lake.

    The whole of de road was swamped.
    As we drove into it, I looked and saw how deep the water was on a side wall.

    "Man, can you make that!
    Are you really gonna try!!

    It was not just a deep area, it went on and on and on.
    Mi can make it Mon!

    So, here we go.

    We did not really creep too slow, but not fast either.
    It had to be a 30-40 yard stretch of pure water.
    Cars stalled here and there.

    At one point my driver said he felt/heard the alternator jumping or something.

    I was so happy when we finally made it out of the Lake,

    After that, I was sure we could handle anything else.

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    Re: Flew in Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, worst rain ever

    That's my boy Linston. He can handle anything!

    Captain Dave


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