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Thread: Road trip for Spices in Sav La Mar

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    Road trip for Spices in Sav La Mar

    Man, those bags of Chicken and Jerk and Pork seasoning
    I brought home last trip really impressed all of my pals in Chicago.
    "Mark, Mark, when you going back???
    I cooked up a bunch of Chicken for my church Outing/Picnic
    and everyone wanted to know who cooked the Chicken?

    When you going back????

    So, one morning I walked to the road and waited on a Route taxi.
    One of my drivers threw his hands up, but I waved him off.
    No Mon, not this time.
    I have to go all the way to Sav La Mar
    and the best way (for me) is by Route Taxi.

    Made it to the Taxi Park, then look around for a Taxi going to Little London and Sav.
    I hopped in one, waited for it to fill
    and then we were off.

    It's a very nice relaxing ride to Sav.
    Takes about 1/2 hour, maybe less, maybe more.

    The place I go to now is called Easy Spice.
    It's on that Main road, pass the police station
    and Court House.
    All the way to the end.

    I did not realize until I saw the water that part of Sav was on the Sea.
    Any way,
    I walked in and the lady was very nice.
    I started pointing and asking for all kinds of spices.
    " I'll take 4 chicken, 3 Pork, 3 fish and what's that?
    Oh one bag said BBQ, hmmm, this should be good.

    She added them up and I had plenty of money left.
    "Please give me 2 more Chickens"

    I walked out loaded down.

    I forgot that I was at the end of the street, I had theses bags full of spices,
    and it was blazing hot out.

    I had planned to do some more shopping, but with the heat and all those Spices,
    I just stopped a few blocks away from Easy Spice and looked for a Taxi marked "Negril" on the side.

    I nice cool ride back to my hotel.

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    Re: Road trip for Spices in Sav La Mar

    Mr Spoon, we always head to the EasiSpice store in Sav. Just gotta remember it isn't open Saturday. We bring back the pound bags for ourselves, and have started bringing back the boxes with individual packets which makes it easy to give a nice selection to family or for little gifts when having dinner at a friends house, house warming or whatever.

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