Ok, I will bring them next trip.

I promised new bathing suits for my J-kids this trip.
I picked them up Saturday after B-fast and we headed
back to my hotel.

First we went to my room,
I changed to my trunks, but they had their suits on under their clothes.

Where do you want to go?
Pool or beach?
POOL!!! they both said.

Ok, lets go.
We walked back to the pool and had the whole pool to ourselves.
Again, the kids wanted to creep into the deep end.

"Watch that 3 foot mark! Don't go beyond that line!

If I said it once I said it a Thousand times.

The boy would hold on to the side and "creep/slide" his way along the wall into
the deep.
Once I came up behind him, pulled him off the wall and let go of him.
He started to yell, I grabbed him, then he locked onto me like a baby monkey,
spitting water.

It was kinda hard getting back to the side while being chocked
by a 9 year old.
But, we made it. LOL

About 1 hour later, a J lady that works at the hotel came
by with 3 kids of her own.

This one girl, maybe 5-6 a little itty bitty thing, immediately walked over to the far deep end and dived in.
She came up and started stroking like an Olympic swimmer.

She had form, stroke and style.

The little girl I was with said "see, she goes in the deep"

I said Yes, but can you must learn to swim like that.

The J lady soon had all the kids in the shallow water, teaching them
how to float and do something she called a Star fish.
The kids spread arms and legs on their stomach and floated.

My kids watched and joined in.
Soon all 6 kids were playing and having a ball.

Afterwards we went for food and drinks.
Then we sat in the room and watched DVD's I had brought.

The boy said
"turn off the AC."
The girl said " keep it on."

I told the boy to get under the cover, he did.

It was a good day.