Hey guys, i last posted thinking i was coming alone... looks like i might`ve convinced some friends to fork over some money and hit up negril!

Nothings booked as usual with me (Very last second, and somewhat of a `free minded`vibe about everything, no problems man even when you don`t live the island life! We are 3 single guys, looking to chill out and explore the day, and hit up some live events at night
Ive found a couple of decent priced places;
Price range- 50 to 150$USD per night for 7 nights for all 3 people, Looking for something safe but fun and exciting
Red Rooster cottage Banana Shout
Moms place
Home sweet Home
Jamaica Tamboo
Id like your input on these or any other good places to stay.

Touchdown in 1 month and 2 weeks .