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Thread: Reminiscing on crazy times in Negril

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    Re: Reminiscing on crazy times in Negril

    1st or 2nd time in Negril. Probably 1987 or 89? Going into town near the round about to get souvenirs. Back then it was more of a open mall with a chain link fence around it with a gate. No had showed up to open the gate yet and the shop owners were getting extremely irate with the 2 armed guards controlling the gate. My wife and I watched to see what was going to happen.

    When I say armed, I'm talking sub-machine gun armed. These 2 guards stood absolutely still, hands clasped behind their backs, never a word, not a flinch, nothing! Amazing. Suddenly, it got even louder and the crowd inched towards the gate. They were furious that they couldn't get to their shops. That's when one of the guards unclasped his hands from behind his back, put 1 hand on his gun. Not on, but near the trigger. Oh, man what's gonna happen? This isn't going to be good. We better leave... The crowd dispersed without a peep, anger gone, no back talk, nothing. Absolutely nothing. One of the craziest non alcohol related events I have ever seen.
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