Maralunatic, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your Portland visit with us by way of this awesome trip report. I know how emotionally stimulating writing them can be. I also appreciated how you ventured into places I’ve not been before. You go girl in your cute little sundresses!!

I go to Portland 3x a year and usually do a split every other year. This summer I will do a Portland/Negril split. I guess for the same reasons as you. However, I can only take Negril in small doses and prefer the chill vibe of Portland which is why I don’t go every year. Plus I know where the parties are in Portland so I get my energy fix as well.

Now for Ocho Rios, you are not alone with your feelings. I have said many many times that me and Ochi don’t get along at all. Each time I stayed over I end up being harassed into a rage or encountering some other unpleasant incident while walking from one point to another. Now I just prepare myself for the long ride. This summer it will be a six hour journey and I’ll do it with a smile.

But you and Mr. Lunatic do whatever brings you contentment and joy whether it be Portland or Negril or both…lol…just don’t stop going to Jamaica and posting trip reports like this one.