So, after 6 trips to Negril, my wife and I will be heading to the other end of the country to stay in Port Antonio for the first time this November. We're super excited to check out another spot, and had a few questions.

First off, we will be staying at Great Huts on Boston Bay. We've heard a lot of good things about this property, and the proximity to both Boston Beach and the jerk centre really fits with what we were looking for. Quick question though: I know that there is an entry fee for Boston Beach now, but since we are staying on the bay, I was wondering if the fee is waived. If not, no problem, but just wanted to check. Does anyone know the entry fee?

As far as our other questions, it's really more about what we should check out, other than some of the highlights like Winnifred and San San Beach, Reach Falls, Blue Lagoon, Rio Grande and all that. Specifically, what should we check out in town? Just some quick info about our style: we are not really AI or resort people (I've actually never stayed on a resort before), and one of our favorite things to do on vacation, and particularly in Jamaica, is a lot of walking around, getting off the beaten path, and exploring the towns. Obviously because of proximity, we know we'll need to cab it to PA's main town, but just wanted to find out what to check out while we're there. Also, we love playing dominoes, so if anyone knows any good spots where people tend to play, we'd love to hear!

We also are interested in checking out Drapers -- we're big reggae heads and have heard that Vinyl Sundays is a great spot to hear the 60s/70s ska, rocksteady, reggae and dancehall, so we'll definitely hit that up.

Lastly, any info about where to get some groceries (beer, rum, snacks, etc) and any ATMs or cambios in the area (because of where we're stying, close to Boston Bay would be great, but if they're all more near the town, then we can adjust as necessary).

Thanks for any info you can give, whether the questions I asked, or for anything else you believe would be helpful.