Thirty years ago on the Negril beach, and not much was different. It was quiet again, being slow season, so we decided to walk down to the Treehouse to enjoy sunset. The sky colors were incredible this Sunday afternoon, we didn’t know at the time that the pastels were being influenced by the weather that would soon invade our peaceful paradise.

The bands of clouds off in the distance helped to layer the hues, creating some true Kodak moments. We all voted and chose this sunset to be the best of the trip and possibly the best one we had ever seen!

Treehouse had provided great service and cold beverages as usual, a perfect way to get ready for a night out on the beach! Live reggae tonight, the 10th of September! Four more days left in our vacation...

After sunset, we made our way back to the Native Son Villas and enjoyed a great hot meal of fresh fish prepared to perfection by the Villas' cook. We relaxed for a while, then set out to Alfred's for their Sunday show. Live reggae at Alfred's was the place to people watch even thirty years ago.

Alfred's was just beginning to fill up when we arrived at 10:30pm. There was no cover charge but limited seating. We planted ourselves to watch the show.

Some smoke and drink and all was well with the world! The band jammed late into the night as we exchanged small talk with the other tourists and the locals at Alfred's. The band ended about 3am, we still weren’t tired so we walked down the beach toward the roundabout. There were a few all night spots that would cater to those not willing to call it a night and we visited most of them before throwing in the towel for the evening.