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Thread: Cliff Notes for Pic Enlarging...

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    Cliff Notes for Pic Enlarging...

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    Here is my version of the 'Cliff Notes' in order to upload your pic larger. When you upload a pic from your computer, from clicking the paper clip, it gives you 2 choices.

    URL or computer.

    Upload from computer and you will see the thumbnail. Use your cursor and see the pencil in the left corner. When you click on the that, it's says....Image settings and size of the pic. Use large and then save.

    Click the advanced settings...then preview. It should come up in a larger size.

    That is what I have done...and works for me. I know Rob has posted the instructions...but I prefer 'trial and error' and found this as easy as any!

    Hope that helps those out there who are struggling

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    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Now i cant do it again!

    Name:  beer and wine at sunset mariners.jpg
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Size:  25.1 KBName:  beer and wine at sunset mariners.jpg
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    Sprat when i do advanced reply, the picture option does not let me go to my computer filesName:  beer and wine at sunset mariners.jpg
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Size:  25.1 KB it only goes to the url and the attachment does not give me the option with the little pencil to edit in preview what's up now! Ive been trying for two days to do it again but I cant!!!!

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    You're not alone ....

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    Ok....step by step...
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    First, in the reply post....click to find your pic in the computer. When you have it, upload and it will be a thumbnail...
    Then down to the right...click go advanced. You will see a preview pic....and another one below that is in your message.

    Do the pencil thing, on the pic on the bottom. Click to large pic then save....then preview....

    It should be large...and then submit...

    Is that better?

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    the pic. icon at the advance reply only show URL

    Thanks Sprat for all the help but for me is still not working Im in the advance section of the reply and I click on the picture Icon and I only get the url option this option lets me post big pics like the following [IMG][/IMG]
    The attachment icon when i press it gives me more options like my album from pics I downloaded before and my computer. But when I download a pic from my computer it only adds it to my album and if I select it to attach, it attaches but as a small picture and if you click on it, it will become bigger but in another page! this is what it shows when i press the attach iconName:  PC040074.jpg
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Size:  67.2 KB I have to drag it from my album and this shows! if i select and atachment from my computer files it first puts it in my album and then I have to drag it down!

    Did I do something to the setting to erase my computer option in the pic option?

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    I can't find the pencil...???

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    I don't see it either

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    You don't go to the advanced setting first.....you search for your pick first....

    Then the box comes up that says, Add an image...the ( computer box is not highlighted in green like the URL box - but you can still click on it. Then hit select files at the bottom....get your picture and then upload it.

    Once you have you small thumbnail pic....put your cursor over the pic...and the pencil will appear in the left top corner. When you click on it opens a box
    Name:  FlowerPodsA.jpg
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    that says image setting. Click large or full size and then save at the bottom.

    In order to preview at the bottom right hand corner, click 'Go Advanced' preview pic and it must appear larger or you have not done the steps right.

    Then submit... Easy as One, Two...Three ....

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