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Thread: Who Recently Did Merrills II all inclusive???

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    Who Recently Did Merrills II all inclusive???

    I am just sitting here on vacation in costa rica planning my jamaica trip and found this may be a good suite for me. Price is terrific II is same price as Merrills I with the all inclusive deal. Was there a shuttle at port or did you use own. How was the food what, were the drinks. did they make dirty bananas?
    Any thoughts on the place as a whole????
    ShellyK needs AI in order to keep coming back.

    Children Are Our Tomorrow !

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    Hey Shelly - have always wanted to visit Costa Rica especially the east side.

    Any way I hope others will reply to your post as I am interested in the information also. They have some great deals right now.

    Preach Peace / Live Love / Blessed Be

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    I am also glad you asked about this property. We are staying at Merrill's ll in February.. Looking forward to it. Hope you are enjoying Costa Rica.

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    LOL didn't mean to promote Costa Rica cause Shellyk says take 3 trips to Negril for what you would spend for 1 here. And having been to Jamaica disappointed is all you will be about Costa Rica. I'm on Day 10 of disgust, disappointment, and yearning for a Jamaica like vacation right now. What i wouldn't give to have hustlers to chat with Oy Veh!

    Still interested in hearing about Merrills II. Hummingbirds, Dirty Banana's chicken dinners with salads???? Anyone

    Children Are Our Tomorrow !

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    been to merrils 2 (twice).
    great location, great grounds, food is ok (breakfast is the best). after a few days the same type of lunch and dinner gets old but food is fresh and plentiful.
    drinks aren't that great, no red stripes and i think they water down the appletons and other booze. i'm going back for a 3x so it can't be too bad

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    I've been to all three Merrills properties. Merrills II is by far the best of the three and the only one with a pool. I paid far standard garden and was upgraded tp the ocean front deluxe (Nice!). I didn't feel the drinks were watered down and I do enjoy my rom..LOL..You can't go wrong for the price. The food got a little boring after a week, but just stroll up or down the beach for a change of pace..Clean and Safe. I'll be staying at Negril Relax in Feb which is the old Merrills 3, also a good deal.

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    I stayed at Merill's 1 a few years ago and that was actually the first time I had a hummingbird! I would rotate hummingbirds and dirty bananas all day...they were good (not fabulous). They serve them in small plastic cups but who cares..just order 2 at a time and you can always go back for more...Food is decent, you won't starve. It was very italian style. For the price you really can't lose.
    "Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold" R.N.M

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    well one of the biggest things is that they aren't guest friendly........

    depending on what you end up paying.........would tell mi whether it was worth it or not.........
    mi haven't been since it was $70 solo a night.........
    great location on the beach and within crawling distance of Alfreds.......lol
    overall the place is dimly lit and you'll need a night lite if you read a lot.......
    the drinks are served in dinky plastic cups.......so either order two at a time or bring your own cups/mug
    plenty of food but it seems to be pretty bland........even the Jamaican food hardly had any spices in it.......
    breakfast is the best meal........that might tell you sumthin.........lol
    the beer is draft and that cheap rock stuff..........ewwwwww
    and most of the guest are not from North America........so forget about having a conversation with many guests.....
    once again a great location on the beach and fun to people watch from there.......
    Dinner is not served till 7:30PM so hopefully you don't get too hungry before then.......
    Deserts aren't much of anything.......sometimes just cookies...........
    the staff rotated a lot so if was a challenge to get to know any of them.......
    security is excellent including some dogs they had.......
    the dogs would run off the vendors when dem got too close......lol
    rooms are well kept.......half decent sheets and towels........
    second floor rooms the A/C had a hard time keeping the rooms cool.....ask for a 1st floor room
    once again a great location on the beach and good place to drink like a fish everyday.......lol
    after one of those arm curl days at Merril's beach mi went to the Jungle and then Scrub A Dub and a stop in Red Ground and made it back in time for breakfast......lol

    if you really want to go AI...go with the Grand Pineapple next door......mi hear dem even have Red Stripe Beer

    Cool Runnings, Marko
    Americana Ocho Rios 82~HedoII 84,91~T-Water 85~Wexford Court Mobay 85~Miss Mary’s 86,87~Barry’s 88~Seawinds Mobay 89~LTU 91~Charela Inn 92~Negril Inn 92~SamSara 93,94~Ocean Edge 95,96~Singles 95,96~Thrills 95~Hilltop 96,99~Pee Wees 97~Kool Browns/Bentley's 97~Cottage 99-03~Roots Bamboo 03~Merrill’s I&II 04,05~Corals Seas Cliffs & Beach 06~Catcha Falling Star 07~Blue Cave Castle 08~SeaStar 10,12~(4x)Bourbon Beach 12~T&J Cottages on Ella Dr 12-18~PeWee Cottages 18~Lynch Cottages 19,20

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    Thanks Marko,
    No questions left after that. Food isnt a big deal, just need that after the days budget runs out elsewhere, drinks too. I don't plan on hanging for the days inside walls, just want to set a budget and still know I can eat and drink when it's gone. And locals , well if there is just no other option they can buy a daypass to be around me if I come down with the blubonic plaque and cannot leave.......
    Many thanks

    Children Are Our Tomorrow !

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    This is the one I am looking at..
     Hello Jim,
    All inclusive 1 person is $105US per night and includes open bar from 10am until 10 pm,breakfast lunch and dinner served from our menu. $86US per night with breakfast single/double, room only is $76US.
    Rates are per night and includes service charge and taxes.
    I don't have a menu that I can send but most meals are cooked Jamaica style (chicken ,fish,pork etc) shell fish is not included in the menu. There is no limit on the bar.

    Thank you,
    Enrick McDonald
    Hidden Paradise
    Negril Jamaica

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