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Thread: Live Steel Pan Band at Canoe this Thursday!!!!

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    Awesome addition! : )


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    SWEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill be there Patty!!!!! on the calander every thursday after the 27th.........

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    This is going to be so much fun!!!! Miss Blue thew band is " Greeny and Steel"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiCtOc View Post
    Great news sounds cool and the 5 rum punch has now turned to seven VERY intriguing. Think I will have to be testing this out
    dem excellent and like to see anyone have more than two of those......dem ROCK!

    Cool Runnings, Marko
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    Poolguy can u please wear the special hoodie, the blue one from last year? LOL luv ya !

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    Hey Patty....We will be there with bells on...lol, soon as we find the bells

    Can't wait, love those rum punches...and a steel band, what a bonus...and we get to see the new addition.

    And Poolguy...yes that shirt...I remember seeing the pic, some kind of towel attire I think...hahahha

    Soon come!

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    It's tonight !!!! can't wait! come on out and support Kirby, monique, Georgia , Phill and BigA as we kick of the season, celebrate , Thanksgving, and welcome all of our friends back again!

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    Hey....so the band is Greeny and Steel?

    I am wondering if this is the same Greeny whose steel band played for Daisy and Markus (Clarity and hubby man) earlier this year at the English Rose? Was that what it was called?

    Did anyone take pictures of the steel pan band at Canoe? I didn't get to log in for that one, but I was just thinking about her stories of her friend Greeny and his steel pan band playing for them that one night!
    Just a thought........

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