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Thread: multi hotel stay

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    multi hotel stay

    Rob, thanks for all the updates really helpful At one time I heard you could not move between hotels I have booked 7 days at Hedonism followed by 16 days at White Sands with 10 days back at Hedonism starting Nov.21 and leaving the island Dec.24..I know things are pretty fluid but are current guidelines still prohibiting moving between hotels ?...Irie vibes

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    Re: multi hotel stay

    From the FAQ on the JTB site:

    Can I stay at multiplehotels within the Resilient Corridor?

    No. Under the current orders you are required to stay at the address given to the health and immigration authorities for the duration of your stay.

    This requirement may change by November...
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    Re: multi hotel stay

    Ministry of Health person who screened me at airport in Mobay told me I can move to Treasure Beach after 14 days at my hotel in Negril. I'm on day 8 now, looking forward to TB but having a lovely time lying low on the cliffs.

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