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Thread: Shields hotel what do you know?

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    Shields hotel what do you know?

    I am feeling a bit nervous because one of the hotels I will be staying at is my first time there.It is Shields next to Travellers beach resort down near the roundabout.
    I am finding very little on the internet about 5 videos which are very similar or from the same person and not a lot of photographs or reviews.

    I hear a lot of german tourists go there so maybe it is on websites I am not seeing.

    I have been there loads of times for drinks but never stayed there and now I am nervous because I am reading the safes are small and do not fit much in to them and they are down by the food area not in your room.
    I do not have much anyway but what I do have ~ I want to keep!

    Why is this place hardly ever mentioned?

    Is it a hidden gem?

    Or is everyone waiting for me to find out for myself?

    Will this be a nice suprise or a shock?

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    it looks nice from the outside. I know it's one of the more affordable beach front hotels.

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    did you check out the traveler reviews on trip advisor? There are quite a few reviews and photos as well. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Rev...l_Jamaica.html

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    irieworld, I was just about to suggest the same site.

    2017 was our 15th trip to Negril. Other islands we visited: Cozumel, Mexico (4 times) St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Aruba, Harbour Island, Bahamas, Anguilla, St. Maarten/St.Martin, Ambergris Caye, Belize (twice)

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    Irie the parts where it says shabby furniture , only one pan, flea bitten dogs held hostage over a paranoid system of food and drinks pricing and safes not in the room worries me.I just hope people are over exaggerating.
    The dogs are not a problem to me as I am never near any dogs anyway.Not my thing.Feeling a little aprehensive though but hope I am in for a nice suprise.

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    seems like overall people were more happy with the value than not, you'll probably be fine. The rooms looked clean enough and you know your way around Negril enough if the food doesn't suit you. You'll have to let us know how it goes! people don't report on Shields much. I always travel on a meager budget so it will be good to know if I should add this one to my list of places to try.

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    Try not to worry too much. As we all know, reviews can be way off. You have read the good and the bad, so at least if some of the negative comments are true, you will be prepared for it. Hopefully someone from the board has actually stayed there and can shed some more light on the topic.

    When you get to Negril, try and get over to Shields and ask to see a couple of rooms (maybe they can show you the one that they have reserved for you). If you don't like it you can deal with it then.

    Breathe in , breathe out - you are almost about to start your wonderful adventure!!!!! See you soon!

    The 1st time you travel to Negril, for the rest of your life, Negril travels with you.
    (taken from realnegril.com/beingees - Graffiti #13)

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    I broke rule number uno and paid upfront in full
    Most likely I am worrying for nothing.
    See you down there Tawnee not long now

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    you worry too much sistren, shields is a very nice property, swim up bar, covered on the beach dining, sunset right there in front of you, delicious LARGE 241 frozen rum drinks for cheap, great bartender lady (very honest woman-chases away teifs- warns her patrons re: hustlers), just try to relax and have the time of your life! i realize you would like for everything to be perfect (you are bringing others/spending a lot of $) but we really don't have any control over what may happen. a new mantra for you (it is mine also but i'll share with you) If I am Irie, everything will be as it should be. Enjoy yourself (you), treat everyone with kindness, you will redeem said kindness, share yourself, your heart and love. They are free.

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    "delicious LARGE 241 frozen rum drinks for cheap,"

    I guess I could live with that

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