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Thread: Trip report

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    Trip report

    This is our 7th trip to Negril over the last 5 years and so far it has been the best trip to date.
    If anyone is wondering weather it is worth it to come now. I will echo what others have said. Come if you can. What is making this trip so special is the Jamaican people. From what I can tell most places have reduced staff by 2/3 or more. However rather than layoffs staff are working a couple days a week so they all get a little. Yet they are filled with hope and optimism. It is inspiring to see.

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    Re: Trip report

    Got here 2 days ago. Used Club Mobay and airport process was quick and easy. So great to be back! I think this is my 10th trip in the past 3 years. I lost track! All who are doubting, don’t! Just come back. Im in my happy place and loving every minute of it!

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