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Thread: A plea from NEET at Travellers

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    A plea from NEET at Travellers

    Hello from jamaica
    A little of what’s happening here with COVID The children of Jamaica are in dire need of tablets. Most children are unable to attend school and those who are able to attend online do not have tablets or internet. The NEET program has just opened our Resource center across from Travelers Beach Resort in Negril, to accommodate students with WiFi The children of jamaica are in dire need of tablets Our appeal is for 500 tablets by month end February 2021 as schools are starting to reopen. By purchasing the tablets in bulk, we can get a better price on them.

    Making the call for all hands on deck to raise funds to help the children of jamaica during this time. The crime situation is out of hand and the purpose of this program is saving the children of jamaica through education. Please share this with your network. You can also now visit our website www.neetja.com and make your donation through the site. Also check our YouTube neetja.

    Thank you for your time and consideration for our program and our students.
    For future reference. Please direct all communication to the email address below.
    Thank you.

    Please share this with all your contacts.
    ? (Call-to-Action)
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    Re: A plea from NEET at Travellers

    Rob, thanks for posting this. Here's an example of reaching out to my network. In 2018, my goal was to provide 100 Amazon Fire tablets by 12/31/18. I live in NC and I reached out to fellow ministers, family, friends, former students, and anyone else that could help. Although we didn't reach our goal, my posse was able to donate 85 tablets that year. Mr. Wellington and NEET provide valuable services to the community. Maybe others on this board can do something similar.

    Peace and blessings,

    Jeffrey A. Williams, Ph.D.

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    Re: A plea from NEET at Travellers

    Incredible, Jdub! 👍

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