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Thread: Coming out of retirement for this one ........

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    Coming out of retirement for this one ........

    Haven't posted for awhile but after seeing Lisa's post it hit a soft spot. Been lucky enough to travel a few times to Negril since the pandemic and have seen 1st hand the damage to innocent , good , people who just want to do what they do and that's to make us , the tourists happy , but they can't , there isn't many tourists. They do need help , bad.

    No judging from me either but if you have the means please think about it , just think of it as karma , all the good you put out will come back to you in one form or another. I don't need to tell anyone that as you already know it ,but I do believe in it from 1st hand experiences.

    Nothing but good vibes from Weston Missouri to our 2nd home , Negril.

    Please count me and Badnaz in for a shirt each and see you in a few months with a couple of newbies.

    Jamb & Bad

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    Re: Coming out of retirement for this one ........

    A big thank you for your support and supportive words. You have seen it and collectively we can do something about it!

    Thanks again Jam and Badnaz!
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