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Thread: Steps to return to US

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    Re: Steps to return to US

    Southwest gives you a form on arrival with info to fill it out online for your return. Several people didn't do this so checking in took longer waiting for people to fill out the form.

    I just returned from St. Maarten on American. At check in to leave US, they asked us to download VeriFLY. When we were returning to the US, we were just asked the questions at the airport and then we had to sign it so we never used VeriFLY

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    Re: Steps to return to US

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff brown View Post
    Can someone clarify the steps for returning to the US? I was originally under the impression that all that was necessary was a negative COVID test three days prior to your return flight home. However, I had a friend who recently returned who mentioned a second required authorization and a second form to have completed? Any help would be appreciated.

    The required form is here:

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