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Thread: Covid protocols

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    Covid protocols

    Any idea when they may change. We are booked for August 20th and not looking for any last minute surprises.
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    Re: Covid protocols

    I'd suggest just following the news.

    I'm booked for the new year, an am glued to the news!

    Numbers are creeping up in regions where tourists are arriving from.

    The complete relaxing of protocols looks like it was very premature in countries like the UK and Netherlands. Jamaican leaders will be watching what occurs elsewhere.

    There's a slight uptick in cases in Jamaica, and the vaccination rate is very low compared to where most tourists are coming from.

    The delta variant hasn't yet been detected in Jamaica, but that's just a matter of time.

    At least one public health expert in JA is suggesting the 8pm curfews return.

    But, in my opinion any changes, in either direction, will be more akin to a dimmer switch than an on-off switch.

    Protecting Jamaicans should be the priority.

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    Re: Covid protocols

    The current measures are effective until August 10.... stay tuned here for the latest updates....
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