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Thread: Lockdown question

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    Lockdown question

    If you are staying at a beach resort on a lockdown day, are you permitted to walk the beach and maybe visit another resorts restaurant/bar? I am seeing that people are doing this and saying that's ok. Rob?

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    Re: Lockdown question

    I am also getting conflicting information. Technically, when I read the 80 page+ Disaster Risk Management document, it would seem that you are supposed to stay on the resort.

    But it seems that the enforcement is defining the entire beach as "your resort". There are hotels that have no restaurant, so that may be behind that thinking.

    The police are patrolling the beach and giving no warnings and certainly no arrests or fines, so I feel that the JCF working logic is that the beach is part of "your hotel/resort".

    And it is not defined in the DRM how far "your resort" extends. If you are on a raft in the water, you can easily drift down a couple properties without noticing.

    Sometimes the realities of a situation frame the intent of "letter of the law".
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