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Thread: A BIG Thank You to YOU!

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    A BIG Thank You to YOU!

    Merrick and Shelly want to thank you for supporting their small business, Merrick & Shelly Shop and Bar!

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to YOU!

    Everyone is hoping things change soon... but things are still incredibly slow. Hopefully the relaxed curfews will remove that confusion for our future visitors.

    But in the meantime, until things pick up, the small businesses can still use your support by contributing to the cause at Https://Negrilstore.com .

    The latest printing of shirts is happening so you should be receiving them shortly. Be sure to bring them with you and wear them because the businesses want to know who has been supporting them and to show their appreciation!

    Thanks to all those who are making this effort a reality for the small businesses of Negril!
    Negril.com - For the vacation that never ends!

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    Re: A BIG Thank You to YOU!

    I am hoping the tshirt arrives for my husband's Christmas stocking
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