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Thread: Observations moving on a no-movement day...

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    Observations moving on a no-movement day...

    No-movement must have different meanings in different places. I've seen pictures of deserted city streets from all over the world.

    But yesterday was interesting. I was moving about on a no-movement day and it was a surprise. While pretty much everything was closed, traffic wise it seemed like a typical Sunday in the summer. Cars were aplenty, pedestrians walking even with their children but no crowds anywhere. Just single walkers or couples - and most everyone walking was masked. It was the first time I have actually taken notice since it was so obvious yesterday.

    While this does sound against the no-movement concept, there are over 50 catagories of persons who are exempt from the no-movement, but I am sure some of them were out simply because they couldn't take it anymore.... as I have said these lockdowns are driving me slowly nuts!

    Observations moving on a no-movement day...
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    Re: Observations moving on a no-movement day...

    I Observed the same thing Rob. I believe I was there for three lockdowns. I was staying at the point and thank god the gas station stayed open. I seemed to always need something. Beer seasoning Basic necessities. During the second lock down I traveled to Ocho Rios and spent two days.Just needed a change of pace. Not sure what the rules are for tourist going from hotel to hotel but we did not have a problem. There is shops off the beaten path that stay open. Not everybody can afford to buy three days worth of supplies. Try and go shopping on a Saturday before lock down. There is more people in the store than a show at Roots!! People need to work and provide for their families. Lockdown is not the answer

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