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Thread: Negril Today

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    Negril Today

    I've noticed the last Negril Today was in June. Does anyone know why there hasn't been one in a long time?

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    Re: Negril Today

    I am going to update it, but since, there has been very little going on since June other than the seemingly endless curfew changes and other Covid related issues which were covered in depth on the Board, updating Negril Today would have not been a fun read.

    Covid has been a downer for everyone and it would have been impossible not to mention it on the Negril Today page every day. And frankly I am getting tired of talking about Covid. Thus the break.

    October is amazingly slow, so there is really not much to update currently, but it will start back up soon since it is looking like November will be picking up.

    Stay tuned...
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    Re: Negril Today

    We were down for 3 weeks last January/February and felt very comfortable with the protocols and were happy to be providing some small suport for our friends and businesses in Negril. My daughter and SIL just booked for 10/21 - 10/28, and we're booked for 1/15 - 2/15 (thanks, remote working!!). We're vaccinated and trying to mentally recover a small degree of normalcy. I think we need to make a "leap of faith" and help Jamaica and Negril get back to business. We're hoping this winter Negril begins to recover. The past 2 years have been devastating and it can't go on any longer. No one expected COVID to screw everything up for so long and we simply have to get vaxxed (if possible) and get back to our favorite spot and help with an economic recovery. We can't let fear deter us. Just book 'em and go!

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    Re: Negril Today


    Thank you. I completely understand about not wanting to talk about Covid. Looking forward to when you update it.

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