I remember years ago. The Town was clearing out and sprucing up the park on the beach a bit right before you get to the bridge and river. Nice size area.
Then it stopped, then it started up again.
The Craft Market was right next to it.
Very quiet looking park, a lot of open space and the beach too.
Could have been nice for locals and others.

I think it was the day after Easter ??, Jamaicans celebrate on the beach.
Many, many locals with pop-up tables, grills. So cool, they were selling all kinds of food and drink.
It was wonderful.
At least 30-40 kids and adults in the water, another 40 sitting close by..
I was with 2 kids, watching them.
They were fine.
But after about 15 minutes all 10 year olds ,splashing in the water, 20 -30 yards away look alike.

I moved closer.

So, just wondering about the Park, great potential there.