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Thread: Still diving at 70

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    Still diving at 70

    While Janet won't let me dive from heights of yesteryear, I did pull off a couple at Home Sweet Home. The afternoon rain provided a nice rainbow. And when we found Pablo's closed for dinner, we ended up at Samsara and was surprised that it wasn't too bad. No sunset again tonight.

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    Re: Still diving at 70

    Very very nice!
    Looks like pumpkin soup?

    Great photos! Keep posting!



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    Re: Still diving at 70

    Way to go Bob!
    Peace, Todd & Cher

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    Re: Still diving at 70

    Was that a cape I saw?

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    Re: Still diving at 70

    As per the Diver's Alert Network (DAN), more established jumpers are characterized as the individuals who are beyond 50 years old. There is no most extreme age for scuba divinglore, yet whether the individual is genuinely capable and sure to jump.

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