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Thread: Real time exchange rate?

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    Real time exchange rate?

    Arriving Saturday and wondering about the current cambio exchange rate. Maybe a website that will answer this question. Is it different buying and selling? Does anyone exchange before arriving? Last minute questions.

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    Re: Real time exchange rate?

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    Re: Real time exchange rate?

    This site, run by FX Trader (Jamaican company) gives you real time exchange rates that you will get from their cambios. They are are extremely competitive and easy to get to in the plaza across the entrance from the HiLo Plaza, sandwiched between HiLo and the Green Store.

    The site defaults to the "selling" rate since you are selling your foreign currency. Pick the currency country, enter the amount and you will be given the total amount along with the actual exchange rate. Much better than any other site, no guesswork just the rate you will get that day!

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    Re: Real time exchange rate?

    You're still better off using your bank card at a bank ATM (Like Scotia or NCB) for the best rate. Just check with your bank to make sure they don't rape you on international exchange rate fees (I use Ally, which only charges 1%) and that they know you'll be using your card in Jamaica.

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