The urgency was due to the fact we had a Chamber meeting with the Jerk Centre proposal as part of the new business. Those who posted comments before the deadline were invaluable as they got the ball rolling!

All the comments in the thread as well as the link to the thread itself has been forwarded to Moreland Wilson, our local MP. I met him shortly after the election and he is good man who will take your comments to heart. He really wants to do good things for Negril, the new safety sidewalk around "church corner" was his doing. Very commendable!

If you still want to add to that thread, please feel free as you have the "ear" of the MP.

The Chamber has asked me to post a second proposal, this one regarding the Beach Park. Your thoughts and insights will be greatly appreciated. This one won't have an urgent 5-hour time frame, so please look for it to be posted soon.

Once again - Negril thanks you!