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Golly, thanks for doing a trip report! I got excited when I seen the thread. Very nice report mon'. Remember like 8 to 10 years ago, there were lots of lengthy trip reports? Great entertainment. Keep 'em comin' folks! One love, Irie Vybes mon'
Thanks Rocknrollfarmer! I remember years ago there were LOTS of trip reports! Kahuna, Tattoo Charlie, Sweetness, Brenjahlee, St. Louis Sally, JaNate, Jerry, Smith744, Crybaby & so many many more. Some are no longer with us, but they aren’t forgotten! Some hilarious stories and beautiful pics, etc…I’ve been following this board since 1999. The trip reports have been invaluable with information on current happenings in Negril & Jamaica! I’m not a very good writer/storyteller, but I try to post after each trip hoping it will inspire others to post a trip report!