Wose Barbershop and Bar! Since Connie is now taking it just a little bit easier with her "at home, homemade" new business style, the old "10 Sq Ft of Texas" was gone.

But the bar is back in action, but this time with a Barbershop!

Due to Connie's fun and eccentric music, Wose decided to make more to his liking, Jamaican all the way.

I will miss the Waylon and Willie, the Patsi and Dolly. Near closing time the look on first time visitors faces were priceless.

Wose had the Barbershop up across from Negril Escape for years, but as many of you know I had a aversion to haircuts for about a decade or two.

I never had the chance to try out his services before, but a beer while visiting the Barber seems like a winning combination.