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Great photos! Do they still have the Ridgebacks.
We stayed there in 2010 and the the to dogs Tensing and her big puppy Sugar about 2or3 years old then, followed the lady that was part own at the time all the time.
She have to go to Miami the day after we got there and Tensing and Sugar took to my wife and Sugar stayed by her side the whole stay even sleep on
the floor by her in Sea Grape cottage. The only time Sugar left was for diner but Tensing would go off to chase the cats that would come over the wall.
Sea Grape 1 cottage. Macus the waiter was not pleased that she would even lay under the table the we ate.
Sorry to say that was what she loved the most about the trip.
Yes there is 3 of them now. That’s funny Lane, my wife did the same thing. We were also in Seagrape. There is now 2 males & a female