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Thread: Gluten Free

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    Gluten Free

    Hello, We are looking at getting back to Negril after 6 years, since then my husband found out he needs to eat gluten free. Anyone else have this issue and have a easy time finding things to eat. Excited to get back.

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    Re: Gluten Free

    I have friends who are both vegetarian and gluten free. It's fairly easy to find in Negril because of the availability of so much fresh fruit and vegetables as well as Ital. So while the menu might not say gluten free it's easy enough to find items to eat if you go to places serving Ital fare. That being said if you're planning on going to most of the popular tourist oriented restaurants such as Margarittaville, Ricks, Ivans, etc... then the options will be less. Also most traditional Jamaican meat dishes are accompanied with rice so if he's getting curried chicken, brown stewed chicken, oxtail, curried goat, etc...with just rice then I'd think he'd be fine. Most restaurants have those items on the menu.

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