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Thread: Travel Report February 2024

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    Travel Report February 2024

    Had an absolutely fabulous 2 weeks in Negril from the 3rd to the 17th, seaweed or no seaweed!!

    Arrived to a busy airport at 2:15 but breezed through in 20-25 minutes. The new system worked great for me!! Linston was waiting outside. Grabbed some cash from the NCB ATM at the airport and we were off. Linston had a road treat ready, we grabbed some beers along the way and had an uneventful trip to Negril. No big backups as I think we were just ahead of the rush.

    As I didn't have any communication ability when I landed, I missed a message from Angela, the VRBO host, asking for an ETA as her Mom was at a Grandson's bday party. When I arrived, there was nobody home, but I noticed the grocery store across the street had the same last name, Weise, so I strolled over. Not sure if they are related but Indira, the owner of the store, made some calls for me and got word through that I had arrived. Mama Weise's son, Carl, showed up shortly after to let me in and get me settled. Indira is an absolutely wonderful woman. Spoke to her many times as I patronized her store. An absolute peach.

    The VRBO was exactly as advertised. Put my flat of Red Stripes in the fridge and got ready to go to Seastar for dinner.

    Have never seen Seastar as dead on a Saturday as it was when I arrived. No show or buffet but Delroy was cooking so that was a bonus. Had the shrimp pasta alfredo, which was fabulous. Chris was not around and the staff said they didn't expect to see him. Hope everything is OK with him, Francine and the kids. Back home, a few Stripes on the balcony and bed time.

    Sunday morning, put the beach wear on and headed out.

    Had lunch at Sun Beach and headed to Drifter's for the 2024 bluesfest. Great show!! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Good thing I didn't have to walk a straight line when I departed. . Dinner at Rockhouse, which is across the road from where I was staying and called it a night.

    Monday was another beautiful beach day. Fish and chips at Alfred's for lunch then walked back to the town center.

    Couldn't get an esim from Digicel but was able to get one from the Flow shop. Worked great for my time in Negril. Would definitely do it again. Continued my voyage back to my abode, with the odd stop for a beverage. Stewed beef with rice and peas and veggies at Sips n' Bites, also across the road, for dinner. A quiet night on the balcony was wonderful. More to come.

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    Re: Travel Report February 2024


    Good stuff! More please!

    Who was working the bar at Seastar?


    VVHT aka Happy

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    Re: Travel Report February 2024

    Sounds like a fun trip!

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    Re: Travel Report February 2024

    and then......

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