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Thread: Travel Report February 2024 Part 4

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    Travel Report February 2024 Part 4

    Monday was used as a recovery day, not that it didn't have it's moments. Spent most of the day on the balcony or inside cooling off, watching a bit of tv or napping. I did head out for supper to Walk it Off Cafe. Tekla is a great host and cook. The grilled fish was melt in your mouth good. Seriously, you could have eaten this fish without teeth.

    As I was just finishing up, a car pulled up and I heard Tekla say 'Monty and Melissa'. I pretty much knew right away that Negril.com's Monty and Melo had just pulled up and of course, Rob was with them. They were with 2 other friends, Mitch and Mary Porter. I chatted with them briefly before mentioning that I was Fisher Branch from the Negril.com forum and had an absolutely wonderful chat about everything they did regarding the I Love Negril tshirt drive to support so many Negril businesses during the pandemic. I also confirmed what I has suspected for awhile. Rob, Lisa and I had met on my very first trip to Negril in January of 2010.

    Rob was doing the Seastar webcast that night. I had wandered past the camera and a friend watching online saw me. I'm standing at the bar and Lisa comes up and asks me if my name is Darryl. I tell her it is and she brings me over to the table to see my friend's text and to let me have Rob send back a reply. Rob remembered this as well. Such a small thing but just another reminder of the wonderful people that are a part of Negril and this forum. Was absolutely wonderful to meet everyone and express my admiration for what they had done to support Negril and all I did was my small part in purchasing 1 of their wonderful tshirts. One last thing, I don't know how many Crowns Mitch had that day but he told me the same story 3 times in about 20 minutes.

    Next day I'm heading to Fay's Art Gallery to check out her offerings. I pass Rob, waiting for a route taxi, on my way. We exchange greetings, he says Lisa says hi and unfortunately, that is the last time I see him on this reach. Hopefully will be able to have a few with him at some time. I check out Fay's, agree to come back the next day to finalize a purchase and head back to the suite to change for beach time.

    After I change, I'm waiting on the road for a route taxi. I'm wearing my I Love Negril shirt and a man comes walking by and says 'I like your shirt, I like the painting'. I say thanks and he asks me if I've ever met Karl Ricketts. I say no. He reaches out his hand and says 'Now you have'. I wish I could have seen the look on my face. I'm sure it was priceless. Another highlight of my trip. Headed to the beach, ended up at Sun Beach (imagine that) for a couple and then Drifters for some afternoon entertainment. The rain began to fall, fairly heavily at times, but no big deal, the show went on and the vibe was great! Spent a couple of hours there and then started the walk back to the west end stopping for beers along the way, ending up at Canoe for a few and dinner. Had the fish sandwich with fries and coleslaw. Very good.

    Still drizzling when I left but it was pleasant enough for me in the state I was in. Started walking back, intending to catch a route taxi if one came by, but that just never happened. I was passing by 1 small bar when the people inside beckoned me. I walked by about 20 yards, stopped and thought 'you're just gonna go back to the suite and sit by yourself', so I turned around and joined them. Good call on my part!! Couple of foreigners and a few locals, including the bar owners, I believe it was Mikayla and her rasta husband, were sitting/standing around. Ended up sitting there for 21/2 to 3 hours having a wonderful time. Big hug from the rasta (dammit, can't remember his name) when I left. Again, wonderful people.

    Wednesday led me to 1Fusion for a few Stripes and some good vibes in the afternoon. Grabbed some road jerk from Kelly Meals on Wheels, grabbed a charter taxi and got a ride back to the suite. Ate, had some more beers and ganja and music and called it a night. A simple day but another very enjoyable one.

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