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Thread: Omega Medical Center

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    Omega Medical Center

    This might be the beginning of the end for Omega in its current form. Heard this from my sister at Thanksgiving.

    One of their friends, a regular visitor to Negril, was on a reach recently and had stomach pains, severe enough to have her end up at Omega. She went through the usual deal with having to put some money down to be admitted etc. They did a CT scan which showed a perforated bowel. Her insurance company wanted to fly her back to either the US or Canada, but the doctors at Omega said that wasn't a viable option. She listens to the doctors at Omega, has the operation, pays the bills and is released in time to make her scheduled flight home. (I'm not sure on the timeline here but I know she goes for extended periods, maybe a month or two. I'm also not sure how long she was in the hospital. I think maybe a couple of days prior and then a few afterwards. I will get more info and update this thread).

    Once home, she continues to experience problems with her stomach so sees her doctor who sends her for a scan. Her bowel is indeed perforated, but Omega never did anything except cut her open and stitch her back up. So many lies/frauds going on here, don't know where to start. She will be pursuing charges/suing Omega and has specialists willing to testify on her behalf.

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    Re: Omega Medical Center

    That's horrible news. I pray for all to be well with your sisters friend. This place sounds like a place to run away from. Hopefully she can get some type of return funds that seem to have been wasted. Might be difficult.

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    Re: Omega Medical Center

    Omega Medical center is a place you don`t want to go unless your rich with cash. I believe it is the Biggest Scam in Jamaica. I do not believe they care about you just your USD. Dr`s do not tell you the truth, hoping you will become admitted then the cash really starts flowing from your CC or any cash you might have. But know they will get all you have, and you still might die there as the health care there is not what you as a American are used too.. Stay away from Omega Medical Hospital. Nuff said.
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