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Thread: $150 a night alternatives

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    $150 a night alternatives

    I am searching for a room for 5 nights for five people (3 children and 2 parents)
    for over the New year period.

    Ideally on the beach or close to it.

    Are there any alternatives to Beach club condos who are charging $150 per night in a similar price range?

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    Try calling The Golden Sunset. It's directly across the street from Alfred's (same family). I love it and you can get two adjoining rooms with kitchen there. Jenny is the manager and a wonderful person to speak to. Sorry I can only find a couple of pix.

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    Looking into the yard from my room.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Irie Sue

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    Try Eddie's TigressII.

    But really Tic, you are asking for the impossible. The two weeks from Xmas thru New Years are the most expensive of the year in Negril. Be thankful to get a place that you like....On the beach...room for five for $150/night? pffffffffff....good luck with THAT! Although....try kayak.com as Sunset on the Beach is coming up decent price....
    "Enjoy Every Sandwich"-Warren Zevon

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    for 5 people during high season 150 a night is good! Unless you want to go totally rustic or across the road I am not sure you can beat that. Even white sands, which is one of the more reasonable places on Norman Manley, charges more than that for a one bedroom apt. and Hidden Paradise, also reasonable charges more for accommodations for that many (ie two rooms). I would say go with NBCC!

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    White sands can not fit me in they are already booked.I will check the others that you have all mentioned now .
    Rockrobster how can it be impossible if I have already found one?!

    Was just seeing if there were any more options.
    I will let you know my findings on the properties you suggested.
    Tigress is not on the beach anyway is it RR?

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    Nope, not on the beach. But a nice property with pool and has the size room you need. The fact you found something that works for 5 people on the beach during that time period is brilliant. I looked for you and couldn't get better than over 200 per night. But, I didn't make emails or phone calls, which may get you a better price. My advice would be to go with what you've got. You did book it, didn't you?
    "Enjoy Every Sandwich"-Warren Zevon

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    If you found a place for that price I would guess NBCC as there wont be much at that time for that price!

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    Tic, did you pull the trigger?
    "Enjoy Every Sandwich"-Warren Zevon

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    No! I want to I have found something but I need something clarifying first so now I am waiting on an email which may or may not ever arrive!
    I will call them tomorrow if no reply.
    I am thinking of white sands at this moment.
    Others I have seen for a low price are NBCC
    Fun holiday beach resort
    caribbean sunset resort
    and for a bit more but looks a nice place would be the palms
    I need to book two rooms so that bumps merrils prices up a bit too high for me and Legends and samsara seem to be charging off the rictor this year!

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    The prices are up for that two week holiday period, Tic...more than High Season prices. I can't imagine you could get two rooms at White Sands or Palms for even close to that $150 deal you said you found at NBCC.

    Remember, she who hesitates is lost......

    And, I have found that if you need an answer in a hurry....pick up the phone! You can always confirm the phone info later....
    "Enjoy Every Sandwich"-Warren Zevon

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