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Thread: advice needed newbie 2nd half of April

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    Cool advice needed newbie 2nd half of April

    My daughter will be in Negril the 2nd half of April. She needs advice on a safe, inexpensive place to stay while she is there. Any and all advice is welcome and greatly appreciated.. She doesn't
    need 5 star just some place safe enough to not worry about her self or possessions when she is out. Thank you so much! Peace....

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    welcome to the board, Im sure that you will find lots of friendly advice on places for your daughter to stay, may i ask upper end or lower end on accomidations?, if she wants to be close to the beach or in the west end which is also know as the best end!. , white sands is on the beach, Jah b's across the road is an authentic experience, and blue horizon is reasonable also catcha gardens works in the west end. sea star is popular booking well in advance is becoming more and more necessary there.come on boardies lets help her out any suggestions?.peace back to you. Tattoo.

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    I stay at the Golden Sunset which is across the road from Alfred's and the beach. The property is owned by the Arthur family and the yard is VERY safe. I have stayed there many times and have never had any problems at all. It is an older property but I find it friendly and comfortable. Jenny is the manager and a lovely person to speak to.
    Irie Sue

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    never had any problem at any place mi have ever stayed.........
    is one place safer or more secure than another.......don't think so for the most part.........
    mi only advice is don't stay at a place that doesn't have regular security guards.......
    like a small mom and pop place that isn't gated with no security at night.......
    not many of those around but if you stay at any regular resort or hotel.....they'll have security fulltime
    big problem is the tourist themselves when they do stupid things sometimes......
    like walking da beach by themselves at 3AM in da morning.........
    or walking anywhere that time of the morning solo......lol
    or carrying a purse with a lot of money in it and/or a passport in it......
    leaves those things in da safe..........
    sometimes people leave der common sense back at the airport when they arrive......lol
    she'll be okay........

    Cool Runnings, Marko
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    Thank you everyone!

    Tattoo: The cheaper the better for her. The less she spends on a room, the more she can see and do while she is there. She is a low maintenance kind of lady and can get by with a sleeping bag on the beach LOL, however safety is important so she does need something safer than that! Nothing fancy needed, she just doesn't want to worry about her personal safety, or even her possessions when she is out of the
    room. On the beach is always first choice, but if enough dollars are saved she could pay transportation and still come out ahead. We liked Jah b's, I have an email in to them as well as to Blue Horizon, will see if they have any vacancies.

    SLP: That looks like a great place. Thanks! I have emailed for availability hoping to hear back from all the places soon!

    Marco: She is a wise, smart and careful lady, so I too think she will be fine. I will be in Negril, arriving a couple weeks before her and will be at the Sea Star. She is hoping to spend less though, no more than 40.00 if at all possible. She is a little up in the air at the moment, she has invited a friend, but the friend has not committed the the trip or bough tickets yet so that is making it a little more difficult to make a
    decision. She can get more room for less money if there are 2 of them. She's hoping to find out in the next few days.

    This is my first trip to Jamaica also, I am counting the seconds!! (We both are)

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    SeaStar !!!!! Safe, inexpensive & totally worth it!

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    for a nice safe place on the beach.. i'd suggest hidden paradise.. the rate is $55/night during that time.. they have a safe in the room.. and it is gated and guarded at night... its not directly on the beach but they have beach access at their restaurant Mama Flo's directly across the street.. im getting ready to stay there for the third time next week.. i've never used the safe and have never had any items missing.. the property is well maintained and that staff is very friendly.
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    Catcha Gardens seems to fit the bill on the West End. It is gated, has security, is located in a very nice part of the West End, and runs about $60 a night. I stay there often and enjoy the quiet and the pool...AND it's close to Rick's, LTU, and several nice eateries. Banana's Gardens might fit the bill as well. It's Across from Rick's, is gated, and the owner lives in the compound although it was a bit more expensive then Catcha Gardens.

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    She can get the single rate at Seastar which drops $10 per room if they have availability.

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    I also say give Hidden Paradise a try .. I am staying there for the first time and Enrick was very prompt at returning my emails. A friend of mine has been staying there for a few years and she says it is a GREAT place to stay and the staff are really friendly

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