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Thread: Lottery scam

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    Lottery scam

    I guess this is a bit more pervasive than I had originally known. We decided to book an extra room at tensing for our first week of travel, as my best friend has never been to the island. This took maybe three calls to jamaica, and ultimately 4or 5 attempted faxes, all from my home office lines. Figure 8 outgoing calls to jamaica over the course of two days. Since most everything we do booking wise is generally on the net, or booked ahead of time, I did not think much of it.

    Fast forward three days, and we got a call from Verizon's fraud department, letting us know that we had made calls to jamaica, and were we aware of an ongoing lottery scam.

    At first, my wife thought she was actually being scammed...

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    Re: Lottery scam


    Supposedly the area I live in South of Montego Bay around Elderslie is the epicenter of a lot of the scams going on right now. The Task Force is busting a lot of Internet users in this area involved with this scam.

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