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Thread: Driver & car for hire

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    Driver & car for hire

    So, I'm here in Negril with a friend & traveling very low budget. Been wondering if anyone knows of or experienced hiring a trustworthy person who wis open to taking us on a multi day trip around the island. Low budget is the key here, so thinking $30/day plus car fuel. Unrealistic or possible? Please post any contacts or thoughts. Thanks. We're living in Good Hope.

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    Re: Driver & car for hire

    That seems quite a bit too low for all day/multi day trip. You should only use a red plate driver that is licensed and insured for passengers and they could make dramatically more than that just driving a regular route or as a charter. When you figure that a private charter just to the airport in MoBay runs $50 to $75 US for 2 people and they can make that run 3 or 4 times a day $30 plus gas for an entire day does not seem fair or reasonable.
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