Buy a Block at the Board Bash in Negril Jamaica

Buy a Brick at the Boardie Bash

April 20th - 21st, 2015

The 17th Annual Negril Boardie Bash is just days away on Friday the 24th at Travellers Beach Resort and in addition to the great chance to meet and greet your fellow Boardies (posters and lurkers alike), one of the benefits of the event will be to help support the NEET charity through their "Buy a Brick" program! The "buy a brick" campaign began a years ago as part of “Soul Rebellion”, an event where visitors got to interact with the community as part of a cultural exchange. During this spring time event, visitors purchased bricks that went towards building a library and toilets at St. Pauls Primary School. NEET has continued building libraries throughout each school year for schools experiencing similar conditions as St. Pauls did. The buy a brick program then assisted in building a canteen for Ferris Primary School. The rest is history! What started out as a small spring event has now become a great year round campaign. Stop by Travellers anytime to help this worthy cause! To find out more things to do while vacationing in Negril, be sure to click on our Things To Do section!

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