The In-Land Route in Negril Jamaica

The In-Land Road

July 18 - 19th, 2013

As has been mentioned many times on the Negril Message Board, most folks who have visited Negril in the past 30 years or so are familiar with the coast road that hugs the sparkeling Caribbean. Although the coast road offers fabulous seaside views, don't under estimate the natural beauty of in-land route as it winds its way through the Jamaican countryside! Today's Negril Today page shows the first view of the sea as you head into Montego Bay as you make your way from Negril. This scene, when you are taking the in-land road means you are almost in Montego Bay proper and nearing Sangster International Airport! There are many picturesque places in Jamaica, pick a road, grab a camera and take your time - the beauty is all around you! And when taking the insland route, be sure to try the jerk at Boarder's - you will not be disappointed! To find out about more things to do when vacationing in Negril, please be sure to check out our Things To Do section!

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