Ricks in Negril Jamaica

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August 22nd - 31st, 2017

"What makes a great beach bar? Cold drinks and warm breezes, at the very minimum, with bonus points for thatched roofs, sunset views and flaming tiki torches." This is the opening lines of the Travel Channel article that names the best beach bars in the world! While the world famous Rick's Cafe has been a mecca for visitors to Jamaica for decades, what makes a great beach bar at the very minimum would to actually be on the beach! Rick's is best known for its spectacular sunsets and especially the cliff divers! Well, we do have to congratulate Rick's Cafe for pulling off the impossible, being the best beach bar on the planet while being located on the cliffs! To find out great thing to experience in and around Negril, please click on our Things To Do section! To find a driver to take you any where around the island, please check out the affordable transportation in our Transport section also located on our Main Menu above! To help you find your perfect places to stay, please check out our Hotels section on the Main Menu link above! To find out more about up coming events, please feel free to check out our Bars/Entertain section above.

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